Track your book RANKINGS, REVIEWS and SALES numbers

from multiple marketplaces.

We track everything and give you detailed analytics so that you can focus on making books, not reports.


How does it work?

  • Add Your shops

    Just simply enter your logins. BookCore will automate all the rest boring tasks.

  • World comes to you

    In seconds, all your books, its status, reviews, rankings and sales are automatically downloaded. Just watch the magic happen.

  • See your business

    See all the precious information in one place. Drill down into your data.

  • Now you know!

    Now you know exactly how is your ebook business doing.

  • Skyrocket your success!

    With this exact information, you can make real decisions to skyrocket your sales.

Who are we and Why do we do it?

We are a company located in the heart of Europe, in Prague.


Petr started self-publishing ebooks and had significant success. But soon he found almost impossible to track his sales numbers. Marketplaces wern’t really helping. So he developed excel spreadsheet to track all the sales and rankings manually. I worked and allowed him to do some analysis. But it was an extremely boring repetitive task and extremely time-consuming.


At that point, he approached his cousin Vaclav, owner of a development company, with a request for help. Together, in last two years, they have developed BookCore, handy tool, which takes the guesswork out of self-publishing

  • Václav Soukup
    Václav Soukup Co-Founder
  • Petr Hrachovec
    Petr Hrachovec Co-Founder
  • Whole bunch of shy programmers
    Whole bunch of shy programmers Programmers

Get Instant Access To The BookCore Now



Your virtual assistant

If You hire a virtual assistant, You will give her passwords to your accounts, and she will write your numbers in Excel spreadsheet. Expensive and not that accurate solution.

Let BookCore be your virtual assistant. BookCore will automatically and regularly connect to your Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, and Smashwords, and collect your books sales data, so you don’t have to worry you missed anything. It will transform the data into an easily understandable form and present it to you. All on Autopilot. 

Your marketing speciallist

Ranking is ALL. Ranking is the mantra of your sales. Know exactly how Ranking evolves along with your sales.

Your customer relations specialist

There are over 10 marketplaces just on Amazon and over 50 on Apple iBooks.

It is extremely hard to track all the reviews and stars on all the marketplaces. BookCore will track that for you and let you clearly see how readers like your work, how do they engage so you can respond promptly.

Easy to use

Access your data on any device

BookCore is fully responsive. It works great on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, laptops, tablets of all sizes, and it’s handy above all on smartphones.

Incredibly fast

BookCore uses the advanced modern technologies to run seamlessly and fast on all devices

One minute setup

We have made great effort to make BookCore intuitive and user-friendly

Top class security

password security

Using your password in BookCore is not a violation of any Terms and Conditions. All your credentials are stored with maximum security protected by your own password. Similar as if you use password managers such as 1Password or LastPass. No one else then you can access it. Not even our programmers. The BookCore is designed and certified so.


The servers that process the downloading are only accessible by our experts. When we download data for you, only the BookCore application can access your credentials that are encrypted in a separate database.


All our data are processed on secure servers which adopt the world’s first code of practice for cloud privacy ISO/IEC 27018.


Sensitive information you exchange with BookCore is always encrypted. Any time you enter a password on the BookCore website or look at your data, information will be transmitted using the TLS encryption protocol. You can check this by looking for the “lock icon” in your browser’s address bar.
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